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Do you have specific beauty advice that you need right away? Do you have business inquiries or just plain ol' comments? Then please fill out the form below! If you are looking to contribute to iMakeupGuru, please fill out the form on the "Apply!" page.
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Other Advice

With beauty, there is fashion. Our other style blog is iFashionGuru. iFashionGuru is built to help make your toughest fashion decisions. Is Tangerine Tango still a wise color choice? Or should I try Lusty Lime as my new color theme? iFashionGuru will inform you of all the latest fashion trends worldwide. In fact, if you happen to live outside of America, iFashionGuru is starting a segment called "Fashion Worldwide," where they blog about universal fashion.

Our Purpose

iMakeupGuru doesn't just blog about cosmetics to gain viewers. We are a community and we blog because it brings joy to our eyes when helping teens find their inner beauty using colors and designs. Makeup is a way to express yourself, to tell people who you are, to give an impression. iMakeupGuru wants to help give back to the world by sprinkling a little beauty advice here and there, to make sure teens express themselves to their fullest extent. iMakeupGuru loves you all!


All information on this blog is accurate and honest. The comments made on cosmetics and beauty products are honest opinions and therefore, can not be held against the writer because their personal experience may differ based on skin type, preferences, and past use of product. iMakeupGuru does not affiliate with any company, therefore we are not required to write specified posts on company products for advertisement, unless stated otherwise. If there are any copyright issues you may have, please inform us on the Contact Us page.